Best Paintball Masks

Paintball is a perfectly safe sport providing you have all the right protective gear. Selecting the best paintball mask available ensures you are both comfortable an well protected when in the field. There are many different types of paintball masks available so the choice can be daunting, but with some simple research you can be sure that you end up with a mask that suits both your budget and requirements.

OneTigris Tactical PJ Helmet Review

The OneTigris PJ Tactical Helmet has a full-face protection system with anti-fog treated goggles and mask that is integrated into the helmet. The removable soft padded interior gives a soft and comfortable fit. Velcro panels on the top and sides allow you to add reflective tabs, nameplates, and morale patches.

Valken Annex MI-7 Tactical Paintball Mask Review

The Valken Annex MI-7 Tactical Paintball is extremely comfortable and will provide you great protection when you’re out on the paintball field. This version of the Valken Annex mask comes complete with a thermal lens meaning you won’t have any issue with you mask fogging up when playing paintball even in the most humid conditions.

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask Review

The Virtue VIO Ascend is the latest addition to the well regarded VIO paintball mask lineup. Combining high-end performance with a mid-range price tag this mask was designed and built as a single-piece goggle. Molded with dual materials for the perfect combination of protection, rigidity, flexibility and comfort.

HK Army KLR Paintball Mask Review

Whether you need a paintball mask for a beginner or experienced player it worth checking out the HK Army KLR Paintball Mask. It features a thermal fog resistant lens, is suitable for wearing over glasses and 3D memory foam ensures a comfortable fit. With a wide field of visions you’ll be spotting targets no matter where they are.

VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Mask Review

The V-Force Profiler paintball mask has a high performance design and is a favorite for player all around the world. This mask raised the standard for quick lens changes allowing no-hassle cleaning between games. It’s spherical lens provides players with an unsurpassed range of vision both vertically and horizontally.


What is a paintball mask?

Sometimes referred to as "goggles" paintball masks are a required piece of safety equipment. Masks are designed to cover the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and sometime a throat guard is attached. The lens of a paintball mask is designed to protect against paintballs traveling up to 90 m/s (300 ft/s). Many masks are similar in appearance to a motocross helmet, though they are generally not fully enclosed to allow heat to escape.

How to choose the best paintball mask?

Safety needs to be your primary concern when choosing a paintball mask. Other considerations include comfort, lens type and durability. Some masks are more comfortable than others, especially when you'll be wearing them for long periods of time, of course comfort can come at a price so be prepared to spend a little extra. As you sweat quite a bit when playing paintball a lens that is thermal treated to prevent fogging is important. All but the very cheapest masks have thermal lenses, but be sure to check the lens type before purchasing.

Getting started in paintball

The only things you'll really need to get started in paintball are a gun or marker, as it is sometimes referred, a mask, and some paintballs. The mask is a required piece of equipment as most fields will not let you play unless you have one. As for the gun spend as much as you can afford, the quality of the gun can has a big input in how successful you'll be, a poor quality gun will lead to misses which isn't very enjoyable. Most fields sell paintballs so this is something you can buy each time before you play.