What is Airsoft?

Those of you interested in Paintball and similar games have probably heard about Airsoft, but most people aren't really sure what it is, how it's played and what the differences between Airsoft and Paintball are. We are here to clear that up.

Airsoft Definition

What is Airsoft? Is Airsoft a sport? While many may consider this game, it is primarily a sport. Airsoft is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with non-metallic pallets. These pallets are typically launched via Airsoft guns, which are replica weapons that look and function much like real weapons. In fact, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an Airsoft weapon and a regular one from afar.

Much like Paintball, Airsoft is a sport that can be played in countless ways and in many styles. Close quarters battle, historical reenactments, military simulations, indoor and out door field - these are different modes and gameplay styles of Airsoft. It heavily relies on strategy and tactic and is usually considered to be a more "serious" version of Paintball, a sport with real men who know what honor is.

Airsoft Games

While this may be a sport for those who prefer something similar, yet different enough to Paintball, it can be played by anyone. In fact, it can be played by anyone who has a knack for shooting and the ability to aim and eliminate opponents. Airsoft games are exciting and great fun for anyone who participates. This is why Kids Airsoft has become so popular lately. Airsoft kids are responsible, reliable and great team players. This is, without a doubt, what every child needs to learn. In fact, children and parents can participate in this sport together and have a great time, without getting hurt, while exploring wonderful nature and different terrain.

What sort of Airsoft games are there? Let's name and describe a few of the most popular ones:

TDM (Team Death Match) - two teams fight each other until all players of one team are eliminated. This is the most commonly played variant of Airsoft and one of the most popular Airsoft war games in general.

CTF (Capture the Flag) - each team has a flag, the team that captures and brings it back wins. This is another very common form of Airsoft, often played at Airsoft tournaments.

President - a player who is the "president" gets half the players to protect him and act as bodyguards, while the other half of his teammates' job is to assassinate the other team's president.

Alien - one player is the Alien, which means the rest are humans meant to oppose him, but the catch is. If an Alien shoots a player, they automatically become an Alien too.

Wingmen - this game type played 2 vs X, which means two players compete together against everyone else. The wingmen are typically given a few minutes to hide, before the game begins, and one of them usually carries a sniper rifle. This type of game is adored by more experienced players who love a challenge.

Treasure hunt - in this game, a neutral party places a treasure somewhere in the playing field. Two or more teams then fight to take the treasure, but the catch is; the person carrying it can have no weapons except a fake knife and if they accidentally drop the treasure, it can be taken by another team.

Airsoft Equipment

As with any other similar sport, equipment matters a lot in Airsoft. It may not determine who will win and who will lose, but a good Airsoft set does make the job a lot easier and the game much more fun to play. But, what is an Airsoft set and what is it supposed to contain? Simply put, a set is a collection of weapons and additional equipment, meant to aid the player in playing the game.

The best type of deal are Airsoft bundles. An Airsoft bundle is a nice collection of weapons and almost professional equipment that is meant to aid the player in playing the game and outsmarting and beating the opponent. Airsoft guns and equipment can be purchased in online Airsoft stores. There are dozens of them on the internet, but make sure to stick to ones that you've read good reviews about. One of the best things about this sport is the fact that it can be played by anyone, which means, regardless of what your budget is, you will be able to find good guns and equipment for yourself if you look hard enough.

And once you find the perfect gun and the perfect set, it's time to start a real backyard Airsoft war. Whether you want to do it with your friends and acquaintances or family and children, make sure you keep safety in mind at all times. After all, that's what matters the most. And the right equipment will certainly help when it comes to that.

Airsoft vs Paintball

These two combat sports seem so similar, yet so different at the same time. The most fundamental difference between the two is honor. In Paintball, players are shot and then automatically marked with splashed paint. In Airosft, the players need to call themselves out, whether or not anyone saw them getting shot. The fact that Airsoft is based on an honors system is what attracts many players, even Paintball players, to this sport.

Airsoft is generally cheaper than Paintball - guns, equipment, everything is cheaper in Airsoft. Unlike in Paintball, in which you can only use designated weapons, plastic knives can be used in the game of Airosft and players are forbidden to shoot at each other when in proximity (so they don't cause harm). Instead, they need to shout "bang!". The venue is what makes the difference too and Airsoft is the kind of sport that can be played pretty much anywhere, even your own backyard. Paintball guns are typically more durable, but they also cost more. On the other hand, Paintball is not nearly as realistic as Airsoft.

The point is; even though these two sports are fundamentally similar, the subtle and not so subtle differences are what determines which one and individual will prefer. We highly recommend you give both a shot and see what you like more yourself. If nothing, you'll have a lot of fun finding out.