Airsoft Full Face Mask Army of two Cosplay Halloween mask Paintball


Free size adjustable


Optimal peripheral view


Anti fog lens


Lighter fiberglass material


Paintball is a fun sport that is renowned worldwide. It is enjoyed by both the young and old alike. The main accessories of this amazing sport is the paintball gun and paintball mask that is the primary form of protection. Selection of paintball guns is usually a function of the different shapes and styles of paintball available i.e. Woodsball, Scenario/Mil-Sim and Speedball. However, the same does not apply for selection of a paintball mask. A high quality paintball mask such as the Airsoft Full Face Mask  or the Invert Helix Thermal should suffice for the different types.

Airsoft full face mask
This product is a tactical paintball mask that is primarily designed to provide the user with the ultimate paintball experience.

This high quality product has a number of interesting features that might pique the interest of the consumer; the notable ones include the following:

Vision – This mask is designed to provide the user with a very broad vision specifically for optimal peripheral view.

Colors – This paintball mask is available in over 55 different colors so as to cater for the different needs/preferences of consumers such as Red, Brown, Rust, White, Red Skull, Flame, Ghost, Hydra, Joker, Monster, Spider, Splash, 47 Ronin, American Patriot, Anatomy, Ball, Belt, Black Smiley, Bob, Crank, Croc, Deathstroke, Elvian, Gmask, Green Hydra, Hydra II, I am groot, JP, Jason, Mauri, Mec, Metric, Phill, Police, QR Code, Raptor, Red Claw, Red Line e.t.c

Lens – It has an effective lens that is 5com wide, 8 cm long and 10mm depth and can offer protection of 600 fps up against plastic bullets. The lens on this mask is also of the anti-fog type. In addition, it has optimum visibility rating to protect the user’s eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.

Cushion – This product has a cushion incorporated in its interior section to provide the user with extra comfort so that the user can fully concentrate on the game.

Ventilation – It has adequate space between the mouth and the nose to facilitate easy breathing for the user.

Material – It is constructed using a durable and high quality fiberglass material. This is relatively lighter and stronger compared to metal sheet material. Furthermore, fiberglass material positively contributes to the aesthetical appeal of the paintball mask.

Straps – The straps on this paintball mask each have locks on them to firmly secure them. There is also a small pocket that is smartly located at the back of the straps for convenience.

Versatility – This amazing paintball mask can be used in a variety of seasons by people of all ages and walks of life. It can be used in Halloween parties, acting, DJ mask, general costumes and when driving a motorcycle. The versatility of the product means that it can help the user in making significant financial savings as it will be reused in different applications instead of buying a new one. This is a useful feature in such tough economic times where every dollar saved counts.

Adjustable – This top of the range paintball mask is free size adjustable to cater for all people.

The above insightful information only goes to show the superiority of this paintball mask. All interested consumers can readily purchase it on at client-friendly prices, get yours today while products last.