ATAIRSOFT Tactical High Cut XP Military Helmet

  • High Quality ABS Plastic.
  • Size adjustable.
  • Light Weight.
  • Origin : Hong Kong.

Airsoft paintball is a fun sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. It has different play styles as well as forms. The style one picks is purely a matter of preference as all of them are regarded to be enjoyable. Its main accessories are paintball guns and helmets/masks. Airsoft paintball helmets are highly valued because they are the first and most important line of protection for the player on the battle field. There are many companies in the market that specialize in making these accessories. However, very few brands manufacture products of very high quality such as the ATAIRSOFT Tactical High Cut XP.

The ATAIRSOFT Tactical High Cut XP is a superb paintball accessory that is carefully designed and fabricated by the renowned top notch brand referred to as ATAIRSOFT. Below is a comprehensive review of its features.

Product features is the selling point of any product and that is why ATAIRSOFT has heavily invested in providing consumers with useful features. There are many interesting features that characterize this unique product; the notable ones include the following:

This military type helmet is made of the very best material of the ABS Plastic type that is of very high quality. This is a resilient material that guarantees consumers durability if they purchase this product. A highly durable airsoft paintball helmet does not require frequent replacements and this can positively reflect on financial savings for the consumer.

The weight of a paintball helmet determines the level of comfort a player will experience on the battlefield and his/her ultimate success in the sport. The lighter the weight the better. This high cut military helmet is light in weight at 700g to facilitate stealth mode.

It is size adjustable to cater for the different consumer sizes. This is a convenient feature as everybody who goes to shop for an airsoft paintball helmet is sure to get a size that fits properly. Usually, it is available in the range of L / XL: 55-61cm.

This helmet is available for purchase in a beautiful Multicam MC color. This is a good color as it acts as an effective camouflage that can give a player an edge over the opponent during play. This means that purchasing this helmet and wearing it on the playing field gets any real airsoft paintball a step closer to victory.

This helmet is sold in a brand new state. Consumers receive it fully packaged as it had left the factory. This ensures that the helmet’s extensive service life will be fully enjoyed. only deals with authentic products and that is why consumers can be sure that this high cut helmet is 100% genuine and new.

The above insightful information about this amazing protective gear clearly indicates its meticulous design and unparalleled quality. This high cut helmet is available for purchase on for all interested consumers. It is sold at friendly prices that are accompanied by irresistible offers. Join the bandwagon today by getting yours while stocks last.