Dye Performance Elbow Pads - Black


Each pad comes with a custom gel insert.


New cup-shaped EVA foam elbow pad.


New adjustable strap. 

Airsoft and paintball are two of the most popular outdoor sports in the entire globe. This is because they provide thrill and excitement to individuals from all walks of life and ages. Safety is paramount in all sports regardless of whether they are conducted indoors or outdoors, airsoft and paintball are not exceptions. There are hundreds of brands in the market today which are specialized in the manufacture of protective gear for paintball and airsoft. However, very few are as exemplary as the Dye brand through their high quality products such as the Dye Performance Elbow Pads – Black.

The are several interesting features that the Dye Performance Elbow Pads – Black has to offer for consumers, the notable ones include the following:

Color – It is manufactured in an aesthetically appealing color i.e. black. Black is a neutral color that most would not mind to put on.

Size – This product is available in several sizes to suit the different needs of consumers. The sizes include 2X – large, small, medium, large and X-large. This means that clients should not worry about finding the right fit as there is a variety to select from.

Body – It is fabricated in a light airprene body. This means that it combines ultimate comfort and breathability. Comfort and breathability are factors that increase the level of play.

Foam pad - This elbow pad has a cup-shaped EVA foam pad incorporated to it. These foam pads are carefully pre-shaped so that they conform to the natural bend that the joint has. This foam pad is what facilitates ultimate flexibility and comfort.

Gel insert – It has a custom gel insert which highly resistant to impacts. This feature helps in absorption of both intense dives and slides. Consumers are therefore guaranteed of not suffering any injuries from impacts and can therefore fully concentrate on the game.

Straps – This amazing product has adjustable straps that allows the user to easily tighten the elbow pad so as to retain it in place always. The straps eliminate the possibility of the elbow pad coming off during intense physical movement.

Gloves – There is an integrated slider glove on every hand. This functions to provide the palm with reinforced protection which in turn keeps the user safe from gravel as well as turf-burns. The back side of the integrated slider glove is fitted with neoprene compression to provide additional protection to the back side of the hand. Furthermore, the slider glove’s placement prevents the pad from sliding up the user’s arm and also offers the much desired unrestricted movement.

Vent ports – It has convenient vent ports to promote breathability. This means that the area of the skin that is contact with the elbow pad can freely breath during play.

Logos – This product has exciting micro injection logos on it. The logo is beautiful and gives the product a sporty feel and appearance.

Weight – It is quite light in weight so as to increase comfort and to facilitate manoeuvrability during gameplay. The light weight also makes it very portable if need be.

The above insightful information clearly exhibits the robustness of this elbow pad and that it is indeed value for your hard earned money. It is readily available for purchase on Amazon.com at cost-effective prices which are accompanied by fantastic offers.