Empire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal Goggles

  • Fast and easy tool-free lens replacement.
  • No distortion  spherical lens with broad field of vision.
  • Double pane lens provoke a thermal barrier to diminish fogging.
  • Triple density foam padding.


When looking for paintball masks, it is important to get one that is breathable, lightweight, wind resistant, flexible and made of high quality material. There are many options in the market and finding one is often quite easy. However, some offers are simply basic models that do not exhibit sufficient comfort and safety features demanded by the game of paintball. This is why you must take time to read through paintball mask reviews before spending your money if you want to land top quality models. Empire EVS is like Valken one of the popular paintball mask brands in the market with a desirable reputation. Here is a descriptive review of the mask including its features, pros and cons:


Empire EVS thermal paintball mask comes with several features to cover safety and comfort aspects as well as longevity, style and convenience. It comes with dual pane lenses that reduce fogging by creating a thermal barrier; the lenses are easily replaced without needing any tools and offer 270 degrees field of view. Other features include co-injection mold skirt on the lower side to promote paintball bouncing and triple-density foam padding that includes moisture wicking fleece. This ensures you remain dry and comfortable even on a hot day. Its ASTM safety approved scratch resistant spherical lenses offer maximum protection for the eye and blocks 100% UVA radiation. It also includes a silicon-backed head strap and soft ear thermo-formed ear design for excellent hearing.

Benefits (Pros)

• High quality thermoplastic bounces off paintball hits without retaining a scratch

• Improved lenses ensure maximum eye protection while ear-soft thermo-formed ear aids hearing while playing

• There are several options including smoked, colored and clear lenses

• Comes with protective goggle-fit micro-fiber bag to keep your mask safe when not in use

• Features a one-size non-slip fit that is secured with extra head strap

• Moisture wicking fleece in the padding keeps you comfortable throughout the game even on hot conditions. It also keeps you relatively warm when playing during winter

• A 270 degrees vision keeps all paintballs within your field of vision at all times.


• If you have a slightly bigger head and nose, it is not the most ideal choice to make

• It is made of lightweight materials and may get damaged when hit more rapidly by a hail of paintballs.

• Some users have reported deliveries that arrived already damaged   


Empire EVS thermal paintball mask is a great mask for any player and comes with a plush micro-fiber bag for you to safely carry your mask around. It is both lightweight and breathable making it comfortable for a game as aggressive as paintball. It also has soft comfortable padding on the inside and hard wind resistant anti-fog lenses on the external surface. Although some users have reported various concerns such as damages at arrival, these are common for all product deliveries due to packaging and transportation. You can always contact the customer care for replacements since Empire offer desirable quality guarantees for their paintball masks. If the delivered quality does not meet the standards.