Empire Paintball Grind Chest Protectors


 Stretch-mesh for maximum movement and breathability.


Fully-padded paintball undershirt.


Heat vents in the main front and back pads.


FeaturesShock cord loops.

Paintball that was initially developed as a recreational activity but has since developed into a professional game that is well sponsored. There are several styles and shapes of paintball i.e. Woodsball, Mil-Sim/Scenario and Speedball. All the different types use various accessories that include paintball guns, masks, helmets and chest protectors. Protective gear is given the utmost priority in outdoor sports so as to avoid any serious injuries as participants enjoy their favorite game. There are hundreds of brands that specialize in the design and manufacture of protective paintball accessories but none comes close to what the Empire Paintball brand has to offer consumers as exhibited by the high quality Empire Paintball Grind Chest Protectors.

It is common knowledge that a product’s features are what drive its sales and Empire Paintball know this fact all too well and that is why their chest protectors have the following amazing features:

These unique chest protectors are available in several sizes to cater for all consumers. The available sizes include 2XL, 3XL, Small, Medium and Youth. This ensures that everybody is assured of getting a size that comfortably fits them.

chest protectors are quite light in weight at 2 pounds. This makes them very comfortable to wear on the battle field as they facilitate swift movement.
Side protections
This product has stylish side protections that conveniently wrap to provide the user with more confidence as he/she runs through.

This amazing grind chest protector has pre-curved pads that serve to provide the user with a maximum range of comfort and motion. It has sufficient padding for the chest, upper arm and shoulder areas. This allows players to comfortably absorb close-up shots that are known to usually sting. These pads drive away all the fear from the player’s mind so that he/she can fully concentrate on the game rather than being concerned about getting injured.

Heat vents
It is designed with heat vents in both the main back and front pads. These vents keep the user feeling comfortable and cool under the jersey. This is important as all the running that is involved in paintball can build up some uncomfortable sweat and heat. In this way moisture is kept away from the core of the player.

Stretch mesh
It is equipped with a high performance stretch mesh that provides optimum breathability and movement. This allows players to maneuver without any hindrance whatsoever on the battle field.

Shock cord loops
These grind chest protectors have shock cord loops that go on the arm sleeves to attach to the Grind THT elbow pads. This allows for everything to remain firmly in place.

The Empire Paintball Grind Chest Protectors guarantee paintball enthusiasts optimum protection game after game as they dive, crawl and even slide point after point. It is no secret why it is the choice of top paintball professionals. These high performance paintball chest protectors can be bought on Amazon.com at prices that are relatively affordable. In addition, clients get to enjoy irresistible offers when they purchase them from Amazon.com. Get your Grind chest protector today to play paintball at a much higher level.