Empire Paintball Guns

Paintball is a sport that has gained global recognition as an exciting and fun outdoor activity. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, gender and creed. It is basically a combination of childhood games such as hide and seek and tag. It has different game formats and the number of players in a team varies from 1 or 2, 5 or 7 to even one thousand on a single side. Paintballs and paintguns are the main accessories of this interesting outdoor game. The aim of the game usually is to attempt to capture the flag of the opponent. Players are allowed to take breaks between games to enjoy a snack or check their equipment. Typical games run from twenty minutes to forty five minutes. There are  many Paintball Guns producers and Empire is one of the best of them.

Here are reviews for some of the best products of this great company:

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip

The Empire Paintball Mini GS Maker is the future of this amazing game because of several good reasons. The following are some salient features of the Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker:


It is designed with a convenient a rubber fore grip that of the full wrap-around type. It offer optimum protection and grip from the elements and paint. Grip is critical in paintball and may be the determining factor of a win or a loss. It is for this reason that it has been given utmost importance by the manufacturer.

The battle proven engine on this paintball gun is of a high performance for maximum fun and enjoyment. The poppet engine is pressure controlled for maximum performance. This is one of the reasosn that make the enigne stronger and reliable.

On/Off ASA
This venting ASA regulator feature that is characterized by an ON/OFF lever completely eliminates thread issues facilitates the easy removal of the tank. The smooth removal of the tank greatly contributes to its longevity in service.

New design
This Mini GS has unveiled a new design that facilitates the Redline OLED’s simple drop-in without the fore grip being switched. Both the fore grip and ASA attachment points have been developed for superior strength and performance.

The hose-less design is convenient for many reasons and is a readily accepted by real enthusiasts of paintball.

It is sold together with only 2 hex wrenches that are required for each and every screw in the product. This is convenient because the wrenches are multi-purpose and eliminate the need of having to carry multiple wrenches around.

Break beam
This product has integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes.

This product measures 10.6 × 10.5 × 4 inches making it both portable and easy to store. The above are state-of-the-art features that are much sought after in the market.

At 3 pounds, this product is easy to carry around when playing even for young kids who are not very strong.

It uses potent 1.9V batteries that are provided on purchase.


The above insightful information clearly indicates that Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is quality product. This product is available for purchase on Amazon.com at consumer-friendly rates and is sold together with attractive offers. Any interesting consumer should go on Amazon.com for more enquiries about the product.

Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun

  • Full feature Redline OLED board with joystick navigation
  • Now only 2 hex wrenches needed for all screws on the Axe Pro
  • Improved ergonomics in Grip Frame and Foregrip


The 2015 Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun has a plethora of fascinating and useful features that passionate paintball players all over the globe can enjoy every time they set out to play the game. The following are some of the unique features that this product has to offer:


This paintball gun has good ergonomics that feels good in the hands of players. Ergonomics is important for both comfort and safety during the game. Paintball is meant to be enjoyed and therefore safety is critical. The ergonomics are focused on both the foregrip and grip frame.


It has a comfort design with the Grip Frame redesigned to be deep angled. The design of the mounting grip is also robust in every way.


The light weight of this product i.e. 3 pounds makes it very portable and very convenient to carry around.


This paintball gun measures 11.1 × 10.8 × 4 inches, these dimensions favor easier storage as well as portability of this product.


The two hex wrenches that are sold with this product are ideal for all screws on the product.


It has a waterproof gasket around the battery door, it is a weather-proofing measure that makes it ideal for the outdoors that is dominated by the elements.

Relay ASA

It has relay ASA that is more compact and smaller.

Eye system

This paintball gun has a double eye system that is user friendly with regard to cleaning. This feature keeps the game going. It has eyes that are externally serviceable and doesn’t require marker dis-assembly for the purpose of eye maintenance.

Removal system

This paintball gun comes with a push-button in-line bolt removal system that is simpler to use.
Barrel – For better accuracy as well as efficiency, this product has a polished 2 piece barrel which is equipped with a standard 0.688 bore size.


It has a modular trigger guard which is highly sought after.


The Feedneck system on this paintball gun is the tool-less clamping style that most real paintball enthusiasts are knowledgeable of.

Air channel

This product is equipped with an internal air channel that is integrated.


The 2015 Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun is a worthy product that can be purchased by all interested consumers at Amazon.com. It is Amazon.com that clients can be guaranteed of genuine products that are also sold with some decent discounts that consumers can take advantage of whenever they make a purchase. If you are after a paintball gun that has it all in terms of functional features then do not look further than the 2015 Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun.