FMA New Black Wire Mesh Paintball Mask

Adjustable Size.

Metal wire mesh eye protector.

High strength resin glass  fiber composite materials.

Comfortable cushion pads.

Paintball masks are essential accessories for the amazing game because safety is given the utmost priority. Paintball masks are currently manufactured by different brands and this causes the challenge of quality. It takes a real paintball enthusiast to recognize quality paintball masks like the FMA New Black Wire Mesh Full Face and the save phace. It is a high quality product from the renowned FMA brand. FMA is a professional manufacturer of masks for the outdoors.

FMA New Black Wire Mesh Full Face Review


The FMA New Black Wire Mesh Full Face has a number of interesting features that consumers might like. The notable ones include the ones outlined below:

Weight – This product is light in weight making it quite portable and comfortable to have on. This is because it weighs only 1.1 pounds which is very manageable.

Size – It has a suitable size of 9.8 × 9.3 × 2.6 inches. These dimensions make it easy to store and also makes it easy to wear or carry around.

Material – The FMA New Black Wire Mesh Full Face is made of resin glass fiber composite materials that are of high strength. This promotes longevity of the product which is the wish of any consumer as it decreases part replacement costs.

Strap – This top notch paintball mask is designed with a belt strap that is both elastic and adjustable in nature. This allows for personal adjustment to facilitate comfort during play and comfort greatly contributes to victory in paintball.

Protection – It provides users with a full face protection as it covers the entire face of the player. This ensures that your face is safe as you enjoy your favorite game.

Versatile – This mask has versatility because it can also successfully act as a Halloween mask. This helps in saving cost as one does not have to buy another mask.

Ventilation – This product has adequate space between the mouth and the mask to allow for easy breathing. This eliminates the risk of suffocation or even difficulty in breathing on the battle field. This is especially important because paintball has physical exertion characterized by panting because of running in the game.

Comfort – Another addition to its long list of features that facilitate comfort are the cushion pads that are carefully placed around in the entire mask. These adequately absorb impact from high power airsoft rifle to prevent injuries.

Eye protector – The product is equipped with a metal mesh primarily meant to protect the eyes when fighting it out on the battle field. You can therefore play without the fear that a paintball might fly your way and hit your eye and this allows for maximum concentration in the sport and possibly victory.

Design – The overall design of this amazing paintball mask is user-friendly making it suitable for persons of all ages and varying levels of expertise in paintball.

The above insightful information clearly indicates that the FMA New Blcak Wire Mesh Full Face is a quality product as it has useful and has interesting features that paintball enthusiasts might just enjoy. It is readily available on for purchase by all interested clients.