HK Army KLR Paintball Mask

  • Customizable goggles.
  • High-Definition.
  • KLR goggle system.

Paintball is on game that will expose you to severe injuries if you are not adorned with the right armor. When you have to dive away from the hail of flying paintballs, you risk bumping your head down or getting hit quite hard on the face. Fortunately, there are masks you can wear and play confidently without worrying about a hit on the face. Finding paintball masks is relatively an effortless task as there are several retailers in the market. Nonetheless, not all of them offer reliable quality products. In fact, you could easily purchase sub-standard masks disguised as original genuine quality. It is therefore important to carefully look through the paintball masks review you are just about to purchase and ensure it is the right quality. Here is a brief description of the HK Army Paintball Mask that features KLR thermal anti-fog:


HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask is with the Vforce profiler, one of the popular paintball goggles in the market. It comes with a host of trademark features expected of high-end paintball masks as well as other additional aspects from the manufacturer. This paintball mask is made of high quality thermoplastic elastomers that will bounce off any paintball however hard and fast it hits your face. It features comfortable patented padding on the inside, dual density over-mold face shield, high density earpieces (compression molded) and PVTLock lens-rotation system in one of the most innovative customizable paintball mask. It is also a one-size fit for everyone and has a thermal lens (double pane) that offers high definition optically correct view when playing the game. Other features include KLR goggles system, three (molded) HDPE inserts and forehead foam.

Benefits (pros)

• The patented padding offers comfort and prevents excess moisture from accumulating inside the mask

• Completely breathable and lightweight making it ideal for both hot and cold weather

• High quality thermoplastic elastomer ensures all hits are painless. If the paintball is thrown too hard, the padding will absorb all the pressure

• Includes smoke lenses for sunny weather, is antifog and wind resistant

• Comes at an affordable price of $49 and HK has the best customer service for any inquiries and issues

• Backed by a quality guarantee which allows you to return any delivery that does not meet quality expectations


• The original forehead foam piece does not serve anything although you can get it replaced at no additional cost.

• You may experience some form of glare with the smoke lenses when you look down

• Some users thought the mask was smaller than expected and the forehead foam quickly slips off requiring additional glue for it to stick permanently.


Like any other paintball mask review, HK products have both advantages and concerns that are hopefully fixed in the next production unit. These paintball masks are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, dust resistant, anti-fog and shareable as you can adjust the fit. One good thing about HK is their exceptional customer service. If you have any problems with your new HK Army paintball goggles, simply contact them; they respond quite fast when compared to other brands and you won’t pay anything extra for.