Invert Paintball Guns

Paintball is an exciting yet expensive sport. It is for this reason that it is vital to get an appropriate and good paintball gun. The kind of paintball gun one selects should be a factor of the kind of paintball that they play. It also depends on the whether it is for recreational purposes, whether one just plays occasionally or even if they are aspiring to participate in paintball tournaments. There are paintball guns in their hundreds currently in the market. It is important to select superior brands such as the Invert MINI Paintball Gun - Dust Black so as to get most out of your paintball gun.

Invert MINI Paintball Gun

One of the lightest and tightest electronic markers available with outstanding velocity consistency.


Product features are the primary selling points and the product has the following interesting ones to offer paintball enthusiasts out there:

Weight – This paintball gun is quite light in weight, at only 3.6 pounds it facilitates both portability and ease in storage. This weight qualifies it to be among the tightest and lightest electronic markers currently available in the market.

Battery – It has a 9 V battery that can power it up for a significant period of time.

Velocity – This paintball gun delivers shots at an extraordinary velocity. What makes it even more interesting is the consistency by which the shots are delivered.

Trigger – It is equipped with a convenient trigger that is of the magnet returned type.

Firing – It is designed to have multi-mode firing capability that is complimented with an n easy tournament lockout. The multi-mode is inclusive of millennium ramping, NXL and PSP ramping.

Barrel – It has a sizeable and effective cocker threaded 12-inch barrel that allows for easy handling, aiming and transportation.

Beam – It is equipped with amazing break beam anti chop eyes that improve performance while playing.

Hoses – This paintball gun is manufactured in such a way that it has no hoses whatsoever that can crimp or break during play. This is a factor that greatly contributes to the longevity of this product and decreases part replacement.

Warranty – The product has a one year limited warranty that is facilitated through the National Paintball. This warranty is an indication of the confidence that has been placed on this paintball gun as being a quality product.


The Invert MINI Paintball Gun - Dust Black is a quality product that paintball enthusiasts should seriously consider investing in. It is available for purchase on for any interested clients. will guarantee that the Invert MINI Paintball Gun - Dust Black you receive is both durable and of high-quality.