Konkor Paintball Gun Buying Guide

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Konkor is one of the popular paintball riffle manufacturers in the market and enjoy incredible reputation. They specialize in providing military grade riffle replicas that are made of different materials and parts including wood and plastic. The company is also known for various models and products. Finding a Konkor paintball gun should not be a problem as it is available in top online stores like Amazon and other outlets. When looking for paintball guns from this brand, you will come across various models and options with varying quality. Here is a brief description of the top Konkor paintball guns you can try out:


Konkor MK47-3 AK-47 Paintball Rifle Marker

MK47-3 is one of the top Konkor paintball gun models used by several paintball lovers. It comes with various desirable features aimed at improving gaming, aiming as well as safety. Some of the key features you will find in this paintball gun include the following;

• Ergonomic grip
This paintball gun comes with wooden forearms and an ergonomic pistol grip that offers both comfort and quick reflex when aiming. It is quite easy to use and handling does not require any special set of skills.

• Safety features
For safety, the gun replica features a selector switch and a semi-auto mechanical switch for efficiency. The nozzle is also located a good distance away to prevent accidents,

The MK47-3 Konkor paintball gun is an exact replica of the actual 56/AK-47 assault rifle with a .68 cal standard feed for the Hooper. It comes nicely wrapped and has an anti-scratch surface for durability.


Konkor MK47-2 AK-47 Paintball Rifle Marker

Just like the MK47-3 above, MK47-2 Konkor paintball riffle is highly preferred by most paintball lovers. It is well designed and equipped with features that help improve the user’s gaming experience and addresses safety concerns. It has the following features;

• Modern design
The paintball gun is designed to offer users a comfortable pistol grip and it has natural wood forearms for effortless holding. It also includes a steel side folding stock. Mirroring other models within the range, it is usable without any special skills.

• Improved safety
The gun replica has a selector switch which serves as a second safety feature and a semi automated mechanical trigger that addresses additional concerns. It is the replica of the actual Type-56/AK-47 and also has .68 caliber standard Hooper feed.

It is characteristic of Konkor paintball riffles to come in a fine gift wrapping that makes it ideal for gifting your paintball loving friend or relative.

Konkor MK47-1 AK-47 Paintball Rifle Marker

MK 47-1 is another paintball rifle in the series of Konkor paintball rifles and comes as a worthy option for the paintball rifle game lover. It is optimized to enhance gaming experience and has the following features to ensure it offers the best of it;

• Sturdy wooden design
It has a forearm made of wood just like other MK47 models and also has a sock with actual pistol grip. Using this paintball gun offers quite an experience especially when it comes to aiming and pulling the trigger. It is also very easy to use as you need no extra aiming skills to shoot although some of that may come in handy for the points.

• Safety features
The selector switch integrated within the design is often intended to serve as second safety feature although a semi automated mechanical trigger exists to offer more choices.

Konkor MK 47-1 paintball rifle is the replica of 56/AK-47 assault rifle and is fun to use. In fact, it is one of the favorite choices for many paintball lovers as it was the first to be offered within the range. It offers exciting gaming experience and has the same .68 caliber standard Hooper feed like all other models.

There are other amazing paintball guns by Konkor but these 3 are the top options. The MK47 range of paintball guns became very popular due to their similarity with the actual AK-47 assault rifles which make using them quite interesting. They are also lightweight (made with wood and steel) and you can effortlessly move around while tracking your aim. It is advisable to purchase from credible licensed retailers who are allowed to offer the products within the area. Konkor also has exceptional customer service and will usually replace any deliveries that do not meet expected quality standard.