Myheartgoon PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet & Mask

  • Lightweight But Durable.
  • Mask inside a EVA pad cushion design.
  • Ultra breathable design.
  • Velcro Panels Allow Fitment of Patches, IFF, Safety Lights, and Name tapes.

Airsoft paintball is an outdoor sport that is essentially a combat simulation game. It is characterized by participants who are eliminated when they are hit using pellets launched from specific guns which strongly resemble actual firearms. The main accessories that are used in airsoft paintball are helmets and guns. It goes without saying that safety is paramount in any sport and airsoft paintball is no exception and that is why the selection of an ideal helmet is critical. There are several brands that manufacture tactical helmets but very few if any that manufacture top notch helmets like the Myheartgoon PJ Type Tactical Fast Helmet.

The Myheartgoon PJ is a reliable and high quality airsoft paintball helmet from this reputable brand.

There are some salient features that make this helmet a must have for airsoft enthusiasts globally, these include the following:

This remarkable tactical helmet is quite light in weight and this significantly promotes its portability. Its net weight is only 0.95 kgs. The light weight also has a positive impact on comfort when it is worn on the head.

This product boasts of being manufactured using only top notch material that guarantee its strength, durability and also contributes to its aesthetic appeal. The helmet itself is made of the reliable ABS engineering plastics. The main material for the mask is the high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, the goggles also have Thermoplastic Polyurethanes as the primary material but polycarbonate material for the lens.

The helmet has a suitable fit size of dimensions 27.5*25*18CM. This facilitates its easy storage with regard to consumption of less space but also with convenience.

The package comprises of a set of accessories, one mask, one helmet and a single Myheartgoon Environmental protection bag.

The mask is uniquely designed as it uses dual-band. It has an EVA pad cushion that is perfectly capable of withstanding external impact.

Ideal combination
This product has the perfect combination of goggles, mask and helmet. It is this robust combination that guarantees consumers of a full range of protection when enjoying their favorite sport.

The Tact m1 is very easy to adjust. This is facilitated by the suspender straps, rear dial knob and even chin for adjusting for the head size. It can comfortably accommodate head circumferences that lie in the range of 54-62cm. This is good as it caters for all the different consumers of the product.

Accessory rail connectors
These have been specifically designed for the purpose of attachments with other types of gear like visor, camera, flashlight etc.

It has Velcro panels that allow for fitment of Nametapes, Safety Lights, IFF and Patches.

The mask on this helmet has an ultra-breathable design that allows players to compete at a very high level. This is because the mask is equipped with twelve vents. This means that the mask will maintain an acceptable breath flow regardless of how strenuous the exercise is.

It is manufactured in several beautiful colors such as Tan, DW, HI, FG, ACU, AT, CP, DD, MA, NO and TY. This is a wide range from which consumers can select what appeals to their taste.

The Tact m1 is a top notch product that has redefined how airsoft paintball is played. This tactical helmet can be bought from at consumer-friendly rates.