OneTigris Tactical PJ Helmet with Protective Goggle

  • Functional Design.
  • Adjustable System.
  • Side & Top Panel.
  • Fits for Head Circumference 53-61cm.

Airsoft and paintball are two outdoor sports whose popularity has been on the rise in recent times. This is because they can be enjoyed by people of all creeds and ages. Both sports have their main accessories as helmets and guns. However, the helmet is considered to be more important of the two. This is because safety is always given the highest priority in any sport. There are numerous manufacturers in the recreational sport industry that specialize in the manufacture of helmets for paintball and airsoft but very few design quality products like the OneTigris PJ Type Helmet Tactical Fast Helmet.

The PJ is a quality product from the renowned OneTigris brand. It has an array of unique features as follows:

This amazing helmet is available in different aesthetically appealing colors to suit the different client preferences, these include Tan, OD Green, Multicam, Grey, Black, AR and ACU. This means that everyone can find a color that perfectly complements their style.

This product is very light in weight because it is only 1.25 kg. The light weight facilitates portability and enhances comfort during play.

It is versatile in application because it can be used for paintball, airsoft, climbing, training as well as other outdoor sports. This is beneficial because consumers do not have to suffer cost implications of having to buy new helmets for use in other sports or outdoor activities.

Adjustable system
The Tact m 1 is designed with a conveniently adjustable system. This is characterized by a rear adjustable dial and a chin strap. Players can therefore easily loosen or tighten it to ensure a nice fit. Furthermore, it allows for adequate space for which to put on optical glasses. This adjustable system is capable of fitting head circumferences in the range of 53-61cm.

This one of a kind Tactical PJ helmet has a facial protection system that is removable. This is to mean that the mask and goggles are completely integrated. The goggles have an anti-fog treatment incorporated to them to improve visibility during play.

This remarkable Tact m1 has an interior that is softly padded to guarantee a comfortable fit. This helps players to fully concentrate on the game and increases their chances of victory as well as fully enjoying the game.

The functional design of this helmet is truly unparalleled. This is because it is equipped with a front mount point meant for a lighting device/ video camera/ NVG and convenient side rail connectors that have a provision for battery pack/flashlight etc.

The manufacturer of this high performance tactical helmet has only used highly durable material for its construction. ABS has been used as the material for the helmet, the mask is made of low carbon steel that is highly resilient and the lens is comprises of PC.

It has both top and side panels for nameplates, reflective tabs and morale patches.

This helmet has dimensions of 25cm*28cm*25cm. This is a suitable size that can easily be stored as it does not occupy match space. Its size also allows it to be easily carried in convenient items like backpacks.

This tactical fast helmet is a worthwhile investment that true enthusiasts of airsoft, paintball and other outdoor activities should consider purchasing. It is readily available on for all interested clients. It is only at Amazon that consumers can enjoy irresistible offers for genuine products.