Paintball Equipment

Paintball is one of the fast-pace sports that could easily get you injuries that will keep you out of the game for a long time. Sometimes you have to quickly dive down or take cover behind a tree to avoid being hit by a hail of paintballs. Without adequate paintball equipment you will be constantly worried about bruises, bumps and nasty scrapes on your knees, elbows, hips or even face and this will surely take the game out of you. This is why you need sufficient protection to allow you play with more confidence and vigor. There are various types of paintball masks,clothing and equipment to keep you safe during the game and finding them should not be a difficult task. Here is a brief description of some paintball protective gear you should have before you head into the woods.
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Paintball protective gear

In order to remain safe when playing, you need full paintball armor that includes knee and elbow protection, neck mask, face masks/helmet, slide shorts and chest protection. The complete list of protective gear contains chest and thigh protectors, helmets, gloves and pads. Some manufacturers also offer paintball shoes that offer maximum ground grip and all-weather comfort.



Paintball clothing


Paintball clothing simply refers to the outfits you wear to a paintball game to keep you safe, comfortable and confident. 

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Paintball chest protector

This is more like a protective vest with short sleeves for easy movement. Chest protectors are specially sewn with tough fabrics and different seamless embellishments that allow the paintball to bounce back without giving you a bruise.

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Paintball Bags


These pants are made of the same fabric used in the chest protectors albeit meant for your lower body. They include a hardened crotch pad and keep both your waist and hips safe from all paintball hits. They also make it painless to slide to the ground and roll over in escape of a fast-approaching paintball.

Planet Eclipse GX Classic Gear Bag

Paintball face masks

Think of them as tactical masks worn to protect your face and head from the hazardous environment you are exposed to when playing paintball. Some designs allow you to wear glasses while others feature removable lenses. They should be lightweight, anti fog, one-size fit, breathable and dust resistant.

Paintball neck guards

Like face masks, neck guards are designed to protect your neck area from any unforeseen hits. Since paintballs are thrown quite hard and fast, it is only wise to prevent them from hitting your voice box or crushing onto your collar bone. Neck guards look more like round flare hats without the top section. They should snug tightly but not too tight. You can find adjustable options that allow perfect fit.


Paintball knee pads


If you know how a hockey knee pad looks like, then choosing paintball knee pads should not be a problem. They are made available to protect your knee caps and joints from any sudden hit considering a hard knock on the knee could send you limping for months.

Paintball elbow pads



Elbow pads are just like knee pads only that they are designed to keep your elbows safe when playing. When knee pads protect you from hits and allow you to easily fall down on your knee to catch some paintballs, elbow caps do the same for your elbows. You will not worry about bruising your elbows on the ground when diving in escape or reach for a paintball.

Dye Performance Elbow Pads - Black

Paintball gloves


Gloves protect your pals and fingers from hard knocks especially when catching a moving paintball. They also make it more comfortable to play paintball during cold winters and you can cling onto a rough-surface tree back without worrying about scratches.


Paintball goggles


These are an alternative to masks and helmets particularly during hot summer. They are also lightweight and breathable. The main difference between helmets and goggles is that latter has large clear lenses to offer wide range of vision when playing. Ensure the lenses are strong enough to withstand the force of a paintball hit. They should not be made of glass that breaks into pieces as this can be very dangerous when you are hit on the face.


It is very important to wear complete paintball armor for safety’s sake. Playing paintball without its protective gear can expose you to injuries that will make you either hate the game or lose confidence when you see how hard the balls crush onto any surface they hit. Make sure you keenly review the paintball equipment before buying as some are sub-standard qualities that offer no real protection when the hail of paintballs come your direction.

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