Paintball Games

Paintball is a multi-dimensional, versatile game. That's why it's so fun. But, what's the best Paintball game? That's probably what most beginners are wondering, but this isn't really a question that can be answered. Professional paintball players know every game is good - it's just a matter of taste.

Woodsball, Scenario, Mil Sim (Military Simulation), Speedball and Concept are some of the most popular variations of this game. The goal of the game is defined before it begins, whether it's capturing the flag or eliminating opponents. Now, let's define each of these paintball games individually.

Woodsball - competing in a natural environment.

Scenario - features teams who participate in a competition to win certain objectives or goals.

Mil Sim - Mil Sim or Military Simulation is a mode of play design to simulate and imitate a military experience, a real paintball war.

Speedball - played in an open field, often featuring a minimum of natural obstacles.

Concept - another outdoors variation of the game that often includes themes and scenarios.

How to Play Paintball

So, how to paintball? For a start, you need to get the right gear. Most places allow you to rent it out, so there's no need to buy gear, unless you want to play pro Paintball. You will need a set of overalls, body armour, a face mask, a hopper and a gun. Obviously, you'll need paint-filled balls to load the gun with. Before you start playing, it's highly recommended that you practice shooting a bit, just to get a feel of the gun you've rented.

Next step is getting familiar with the rules of the game (more about that in the section below). Make sure to understand the game and always communicate with your teammates, especially if you need some help or if it's your first time playing paintball. Pay attention to what's happening around you at all times - paintball is a game of concentration and skill. You need to be able to make the right decisions in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Paintball Rules

The main objectives of the game are pretty clear and so are most of the rules. Paintballing typically starts with the sound of a loud horn - this is what kicks a Paintball fight off. The players need to break into two teams and determine team captains. A single game usually lasts about 10 minutes or so. The players can be classified into three categories: neutral player, player alive and player eliminated.

Neutral player is a player who has problems in the filed (problem with the Paintball mask, a gun not firing etc.) and other players aren't allowed to shoot at them. Player alive is a player you are allowed to shoot at and eliminate, while player eliminated is a term used to describe players who have been shot. Eliminated players cannot be shot at again or shoot at other players.

Excessive firing, shooting at someone while their gun is up in the air, blind firing, physical contact with other players and similar things are forbidden and frowned upon in most arenas and playing fields. As you can see, the basic rules are fairly simple and easy to grasp, but they can very depending on where and who you play with.

Paintball for Beginners

Experienced Paintball players know what to do and what not to do, but what about complete beginners? There's no need to worry, as you can see, Paintball games have pretty simple rules and all you have to do, for a start, is stick to them and pay attention to the general code of conduct. Something may not be written in the rules, per se, but it can be frowned upon by players who play regularly.

One of the first things beginners should focus on is safety. Make sure to get all the gear and set it up properly. Take care of your own safety, but also pay attention to the safety of other players. Safety masks, gloves, thick clothing, other gear - make sure to have everything in place before the game begins. And once it starts, keep calm and try to be as stealthy as possible. You need to move constantly and communicate with your teammates in order to execute your team's strategy properly and win against the opposing team in the process.

Paintball Strategy

While there are hundreds of different strategies one could use in a game of Paintball, as a beginner you just need to pay attention to what more experienced players are doing, how they're cooperating with their teammates, how they're using the terrain and the setting to their advantage and stuff like that. As with any other team sports, the main objective is to outsmart the opponent by exploiting their flaws.

Paintball Tactics

One of the best things about Paintball and all sorts of Paintball gun games is the fact that this game requires a tactical approach. Players need to work together in order to beat the other team, no matter what sort of game they play, and they need to be very strategic about it. Simply shooting at other players won't work, especially if you're playing against experienced opponents.

Paintball Tips

We've already covered some things beginners need to pay attention to, but there are a few additional tips we'd like to provide our readers with. Action Paintball is a lot of fun, but it can seem a bit scary to beginners too. But, there is no need to be afraid of the paintball. If it hits you, it hits you. It probably won't hurt too much anyway.

Make sure to keep your mask on at all times while playing. Always keep your face protected, no matter what. Try not to lose track of your teammates and what they're doing, but pay attention to where your opponents are too. Communicate with your team and work together with them. And, most importantly, enjoy yourself!