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What Is The Best Paintball Gun?

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Tippmann Cronus 6 lbs.
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto 3 lbs.
Tippmann US Army Project Salvo 5 lbs.
Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto [supsystic-slider id=15 position="center"] 2 lbs.
Dye Proto Rize MaXXed 2 lbs.
JT SplatMaster [supsystic-slider id=16 position="center"] 1 lbs.
Spyder MR6 6.8 lbs.
Tiberius Arms T15 4.4 lbs.
Valken Paintball V-Tac Proton N/R 1.8 lbs
Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol 13 ounces

Energizing paintball games must delight you. The best paintball guns are available to make your paintball experience unforgettable. Picking one out is difficult because the choices are many. Consequently, here is some advice that will help.

How to choose the best paintball guns

The equipment you use plays a huge part in whether you enjoy an activity. Therefore, selecting the right paintball gun, as to choose a proper paintball mask is key. So, what should you bear in mind?

Paintball Gun Reviews

1. Reliability

A reliable gun is essential to the success of a paintball match. You do not want to waste precious time fixing it, especially when one is underway. Do some research and choose one that has a reputation for reliability.

2. The User

Also, consider who will use the gun. Is the person a beginner or professional? New players will benefit from a one that is inexpensive but reliable. Repairing one that is low-cost, but breaks down all the time is a hassle. Conversely, spending money on an expensive one is unwise, as the person may lose interest in it after a while. An automatic, electric paintball gun is a wise choice.

3. Style

There are many styles of playing paintball and many ways of setting up a gun. For example, an electric paintball gun will increase your speed and accuracy. Manufacturers have designed them to suit different positions and styles. They cost more because they have the necessary upgrades that cater to these styles. Understand your style of play and ask about upgrades too.

4. Upgrade

Playing paintball involves cost, but don't worry if you are on a tight budget. You can build the best paintball guns with available accessories once you know your preferred playing style.

If you are a heavy gunner, you will fire at incredible speed. You will carry lots of ammunition and will need an electronic trigger for rapid fire. You will also need a barrel and an automatic loader.

Perhaps sniping is more your style. You would prefer to hide in your favorite spot and wait for your enemy to approach your area. A gun with a long barrel will help you to enjoy your play. You will also need a buttstock to keep your gun stable.

5. Air Source

Anyone familiar with paintball will tell you that you need to consider the air source that operates it. Most guns run on carbon dioxide or Hight Pressure Air (HPA). HPA allows a player to fire more shots. It also delivers a consistent performance. So saying, it is more expensive than guns that run on CO2.

6. Repair Parts

Finally, you'll have to consider if the replacement parts for your weapon are readily available because you will have to conduct repairs sooner or later. Also, It's good to have a kit with you when you play.

Do your research. If manufacturers no longer produce the gun, find out where you can get the parts. Are they available from Amazon or Ebay?

You may come across a second-hand deal that sounds too sweet, so pause and ponder. If the parts are second-hand, ask why the person is getting rid of them.

You can get great deals on repairs if you know your sources. A little investigating goes a long way.

Paintball Gun Reviews Going through paintball gun reviews will help you find a weapon that suits you. If you are new to paintball, read reviews and familiarize yourself with the types of paintball guns available. They'll help you decide which gun best suits your stance and style of play.

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Types of Paintball Markers

Paintball markers(paintball guns) are either mechanical, electro-pneumatic or electric.

Mechanical paintball markers run solely on mechanisms. Some run on a pump and bolt-action, and players need to reset the marker between each shot. Others run on a double-shot mechanism, which both fires and resets the gun. Then, there are throwback semi-autos that rely on gas to cycle their machinery. There are also Blow Forward Semi Autos, which run on gasses stored in their valves. The last mechanical marker is the pneumatically operated semi auto, a low-pressure piston driven by a four-way valve connected to its trigger.

The second type of paintball marker is electro-pneumatic. It does not run on any mechanism but an electronic micro switch. The switch trigger's the gun's actions. Information passes through the weapon's circuitry to a computer-controlled solenoid valve which opens and closes. As this happens, gas moves in and out of chambers to move the bolt and paintball.

You may also consider an electric paintball gun. An electric paintball gun is a marker that also runs on an electronic switch. The difference between it and an electro-pneumatic marker is that has a drive spring. Conversely, electro-pneumatic markers rely on air pistons.

Styles of Paintball Markers

Paintball markers are either rifles or pistols. Both are useful, in different circumstances.

As their name suggests, paintball pistols are small, portable guns. Players use them for Speedball or bush games. These markers are light so that you can carry them anywhere. They are also easier to reload and jam less. Their rubber grips are easier to change.

Paintball rifles, of course, look like sleek, long-range machine guns. Snipers prefer them because they are useful for making long-range, accurate shots. However, they are not as portable as pistols.

Airsoft Gun Reviews

Airsoft guns are paintball weapons used in paintball and other Airsoft sports. They are low-powered air guns that shoot non-metal pellets or BBs. These guns are either mechanical, with a spring-loaded air pump, or pneumatic, with air pistons. The Airsoft guns used for paintball games penetrate less than conventional Airsoft guns. Some manufacturers design them to look like actual firearms. Here are a few airsoft gun reviews that will point you to some of the best in the market.

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Players who use Woodsball guns will enjoy Woodsball Paintball, a form of paintball played in outdoor settings. The best Woodsball gun should shoot from a distance because open fields are larger than closed spaces. Players should also consider accuracy, weight, durability and aesthetics when choosing Woodsball paintball guns.If you are considering playing Woodsball paintball, reviews of Woodsball Paintball guns are what you need.

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