Paintball Tournaments

Everyone knows how fun Paintball is and many people play this amazing game on a weekly basis, but some of us take it one step further. After all, this sport has become incredibly popular that it can be considered one of the fastest growing team sports in the world. This is why we have Paintball tournaments. If you aren't familiar with them, you'll love the information we're about to present you with, so feel free to keep reading.

The point of Paintball is to eliminate other players and playing this game in a group, with your teammates, working together with them to beat your opponents can become so addicting that you will be looking for a big fix. This is what tournaments are for. Playing Paintball is more than just fun recreation for some and if you're one of these people, then convince your teammates to apply for a Paintball tournament.

While there are Paintball Events all over the world, even Paintball leagues, there are a few tournaments that have a certain reputation. These are the tournaments where all the best players gather, where all the best teams get together and outsmart each other with elaborate strategies and tactics. We've done our best to do our research about each and every one of them.

NXL Paintball

What is NXL? NXL is short for National X-Ball League. This is a United States professional Paintball circuit. This is where the best teams in the United States of America gather and play against each other. The League is hosted in Orlando, Chicago, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland and Nashville. Apart from the fact that this is the strongest Paintball competition there is, there are a few interesting things about it.

For a start, this league is friendly for professionals and beginners alike. Professionals play in the Professional Division, while those new to this form of Paintball play in Division 5. This tournament may take place in America, but everyone is welcome to join - in fact, teams from over 35 countries have participated in the NXL last year.

NXL Winter Classic

One of the most popular NXL events, the Winter Classic is a 5-man event everyone can join. Cash prizes are amazing, the tournament is extremely competitive and well organized, but the teams are something else. The teams that participate in the Winter Classic are some of the best in American Paintball and Paintball in general.

If you play local Paintball and participate in local tournaments, then maybe this is the perfect chance for your team to shine. If you and your teammates feel ready for the Winter Classic, feel free to join (entry isn't too expensive) and who knows, you may win the cash prize in the end.

NXL Las Vegas Tournament

Assemble your squad, play together and practice as much as you can because the NXL Las Vegas Tournament is not a joke. The city of sin is where all sorts of debauchery happens on a daily basis, but casinos and nights out will not be your priority once you join this tournament. Dozens of different teams, high quality opponents, amazing terrains - you name it, the NXL has it all.

This is a great tournament if you just want to get out of town for a bit with your friends and teammates and play the amazing game of Paintball against other squads. Win amazing prizes and have a great time in Vegas. Paintball Las Vegas is where it's all at.

NXL Texas Open

Hosted in the famous Texas Motor Speedway in Dallax, Texas, the NXL Texas Open is an incredibly exciting and unique competition. It is played on the grass outside the track and it features all sorts of games and formats, great for newbies and experienced players both.

Whether you're from Texas or not, the United States or not, joining this tournament will be the ultimate test for you and your team. How far can you go? Who can you beat? Can you win? Aim better, shoot better and outsmart your opponents with your strategy. Paintball as it's supposed to be is played here. No nonsense.

NXL Atlantic City

This is another 5-man event, great for players who think they have a good enough team to play with the best. Visit the Atlantic City, feel the charm of this incredible metropolis and celebrate the victory in town. If you manage to win, that is. After all, this is one of the strongest competitions there is.

Teams from all over the country will be participating in the NXL Atlantic City, so make sure you're good enough to play. Practice with your teammates and prove it. Do you have what it takes to be the next champion? If you think that you do, book your flight, book a hotel and sign up before it's too late.

NXL Chicago

Hosted in Chicago, the windy city, this tournament is played on grass, perfect for squads who prefer more traditional, classic varieties of Paintball. Amazing terrain, great opponents and a lot of fun - this is what the NXL Chicago tournament has to offer. Much like other tournaments we've mentioned, this one is open to any and all teams willing to join.

Whether you're American or from anywhere else around the world, all that it takes is to book your flight and sign up. Everything is already ready and set up. Can you and your teammates bring the trophy home? There's only one way to find out.

NXL World Cup

And now, the cherry on top. The ultimate competition, the NXL World Cup. The World Cup is the crown tournament, perhaps the best and strongest competition in the Paintball world all together. Thousands of people will be watching, the tickets are already being bough and ordered online. This is the only chance for you and your team to prove you have what it takes.

Imagine what it feels like to beat and opponent in front of a huge crowd of people? Everyone will be watching and not a lot of people can handle that amount of pressure. Only the best of the best can. If you think your team belongs with the best, now is your chance to prove it. Join the NXL World Cup and let's see what you can do!