Planet Eclipse GX Classic Gear Bag

Water resistant lining 


Two compartments


Retractable pull handle



Features are the selling point of any product and the Planet Eclipse GX Classic Gear Bag is no exception. This gear 1 has the following salient features:

Colors – This product is made in various aesthetically appealing colors that cater for all needs of consumers i.e. Charcoal, Fire, HDE Earth, HDE Burn, Ice and Stretch Poison. These colors seamlessly blend different styles that customers might have. 

Compartments – This classic gear 1 kitbag is designed with 2 compartments. The main compartment of the product is large enough to fit large gear i.e. hoppers, gun kits, elbow pads, cleats, masks. This is beneficial for consumers who have big gear. In addition, it has big internal zip pockets that can come in quite handy. 

The side compartment is ideal for keeping clean gear separate from the dirty ones. All these compartments aid in keeping the user organized. 

Lock system - The Planet Eclipse GX Classic Gear Bag has a highly effective lock system. This is because it allows users to pass a combination lock cable via guide holes located on the on the side of the bag which are specially designed. This proceeds to feed via the trigger frame of a Paintball Marker that is on the side of the Kitbag and back to the user so that he/she can secure the cable to a heavy or fixed object. This essentially means that there is no person that can unexpectedly lift the Paintball Marker from the inside kitbag or even tow the kitbag. It should be noted that the lock cable is not supplied with the product. 

Weight – This product is light in weight because it only weighs 8.2 pounds. This makes it very portable and easy to handle. The light weight also contributes to ease in its storage. 

Document holder – It has functional clear document holder that can be used in the storage and transportation of important documents.

Lining – This gear bag has a lining that is water resistant that allows for easy removal of dirt and even paint. These lined compartments are also vented for optimum air circulation. 

Lids – This one kind of gear bag is designed with top notch EVA protective lids that are light in weight and tough. 

Rails and wheels – This product has a wheel set and rails that are robust with regard to functionality. It has heavy wheels that can be safely pulled on dirt or gravel surfaces without damage. 

Velcro sections – The Velcro sections that this product has can be used for a gun. There is even that can be easily removed. 

Pull handle – It is equipped with an easy to use retractable pull handle. This means that it is only drawn out when required and neatly packed back in when not in use.

There are several paintball gear bag brands available in the market today but none comes close to the quality and durability that Planet Eclipse has to offer consumers. This product is value for your hard earned money as seen from the above superb features. It is readily available on at cost-effective rates and is accompanied by some irresistible offers. Get your paintball gear bag today while stocks last.