Planet Eclipse HDE Tactical Jersey

  • Internal micro-fibre lens cloth.
  • Chest patch with loadout webbing.
  • Unique Eclipse anti-snag material.


The Planet Eclipse HDE Jersey – Camo is an exciting paintball gear 2 with some unique features that are bound to pique the interest of consumers, they include the following:

Color – This paintball product is available in a beautiful Camo color that is ideal for the environment that the game is played.

Weight - The Planet Eclipse HDE Jersey is light in weight i.e. 1 pond. This lightweight facilitates easy movement in the battle field thus promoting chances of victory.

Protection – The forearm, shoulder and chest sections of this amazing paintball jersey are properly padded for optimum protection. This high level of protection gives the user of peace of mind of not worrying about injuries so that he/she can fully concentrate on the game. The arm padding negates the need of purchasing an elbow pad, as it is substantial. The padding is so thin that its weight does not significantly contribute to the overall weight of the jersey.

The numerous padded main impact zones located on the forearms, shoulders and chest guarantee that whenever the user is hit during a game they are safe and can proceed to have fun.

Quality – The Planet Eclipse brand is known for its high quality paintball products over the years. This means that this paintball gear 2 must also be of high quality as the brand is consistent with regard to quality.

Arm pockets – It has low profile arm pockets that are zipped. These are for storage of small items that the user required on the battlefield.

Material – This jersey is made using convenient anti-snag material. This construction material has been proven highly resistant to both snagging and plucking. Furthermore, its internal micro-fibre cloth. The quality of this construction material is what provides it with the longevity it has. Such kind of durability is useful in such tough economic times as it decreases the frequency of replacement or repair.

Patch placement - The Planet Eclipse HDE Jersey has both shoulder and rear patch placements. The rear patch placement has dimensions of 245x100mm while the shoulder patch placement measures 100x100mm. In addition, there are left/right chest placements that measure 100x100mm. The patch placements can be customized as desired by the user to represent their teams. The fact that these patches are removable is a suitable feature as it allows the user to get another patch as a backup.

Ventilation – This product has adequate ventilation for the purpose of breathability of the user’s skin. The user therefore does not have to worry about comfort when moving in this jersey as it allows for a cooling effect.

Size – It is available in various sizes i.e. X-Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large and 3X-Large. This means that it is not possible for a consumer that can miss a size that properly fits them.


Planet Eclipse has done it again by producing another exemplary product for all paintball enthusiasts on a global scale. This paintball jersey gear 2 is fitted with several useful features that elevates the level of play of the sport to make it safer and more enjoyable. This product is available for sale on It is only that consumers can be guaranteed of purchasing products that are genuine, durable, affordable and are companied by attractive offers.