Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Paintball is an enjoyable sport but an expensive one for that matter. That is why it is crucial to buy quality accessories that will guarantee you of longevity. The primary accessories in paintball are the mask and the gun. The mask is mainly for protection but the paintball marker is what determines a win or a loss. There are numerous brands being sold in the market today but there are very few quality brands like the Planet Eclipse Paintball gun brand.

The following are some quality products from the reliable and renowned Planet Eclipse Paintball gun brand:

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker / Gun

This paintball marker offers consumers outstanding performance and high end ergonomics.


The following are some features of the product that may pique the interest of consumers:

Weight – It is very portable as it has a light weight of only 2.2 pounds.

Size - This product has a convenient size i.e. 21.7 x 1.2 x 8.5 inches. This facilitates easy storage and handling in the battle field.

Color – This paintball marker is manufactured in a variety of colors to suit various needs, these include Stretch Blue, Black, HDE Forest, Blue, Red, Titan White, Grey, HDE Earth, Silver, Stretch Poison, HDE Urban, Stretch White and Stretch Fire.

Consistency – The SL4 inline regulator and its integrated LPR assembly guarantee that it operates with an impressive consistency.

Grip – This product has foregrips and gripframe that function to provide a shooting platform that is both comfortable and stable.

Wrap-around grips – These have the latest stippled inserts to provide users with both a higher level of control and grip. This is regardless of the conditions during play.

Zick3 technology – This feature functions to introduce a two-stage acceleration profile that offers quite a gentle initial acceleration to the bolt as well as ball. This experiences a significant increase in the second stage to result in super-fast rates of fire.

Pressure – It operates at low pressures of approximately 150psi and an LPR pressure of about 85psi. This allows for shots that are smoother and also quieter.

Planet Eclipse LV1.1 Pro Paintball Marker

This paintball marker has amazing exterior modifications and internal adjustments that are designed to significantly enhance performance.


The following are some of the features that make this paintball gun unique:

Color – It has interesting colors that are very attractive to say the least, these include Midnight, Charge3, Haze2 and Kryptonice.

Unibody foregrip – This feature enhances marker stability and shooting comfort. This benefits are also attributed to its 1-piece construction that is contoured.

Internal LPR chamber – This feature facilitates a lower LPR pressure that allows for smoother shot profiles with consistent velocities.

Shaft Pro barrel tip – This feature guarantees ultimate performance in each and every condition that the paintball marker is being used.

Shooting – There are generally smaller forces generated by the bolt and hammer (reciprocating components) when shooting. It also has a relatively quieter sound signature.

Planet Eclipse Geo CSR Paintball Gun

This is a top notch paintball marker that guarantees fun for paintball enthusiasts all over the globe.


It has an array of salient features that consumers can capitalize on when playing their favorite game, the notable features include the following:

Weight – This paintball marker is very portable and is also easy to handle in the battle field as it is very light in weight at 4.7 pounds only.

Size – This product is easy to store because of its favorable dimensions of 12 × 10.8 × 3.5 inches. This allows it to be carried even in a backpack without much hassle.

Case – It has a highly durable zip case made of carbon fibre material. This offers a long service life thus eliminating costs incurred in repair or complete replacement due to deterioration in condition.

Shaft – The shaft has several bore sections to suite a variety of needs i.e. 0.689, 0.685 and 0.681. The shaft tip is also made of highly durable carbon fibre material.

Body – It has an aesthetically appealing body that has been sculptured and CSR etched.

Covers – This product is equipped with eye covers to offer optimum protection.


The three paintball markers above are from the popular Planet Eclipse Paintball gun brand that is redefining the boundaries of paintball in several ways. These products are all available on where they are on sale at fair prices that function to cushion the pockets of consumers. Purchasing these products on Amazon also ensures that you buy genuine and reliable commodities that will provide you with longevity in service. Hurry while stocks last.