Save Phace 2000032 Intimidator Mask

-.Thermal clear lens.

-.Protective coat.

-.Sure grip technology


There are several kinds of tactical masks available in the market. While some are specifically provided for military and law enforcement training, others can be used for paintball as well as Airsoft. Finding tactical masks should not be a daunting task although you need to be very keen when selecting such products. You may just as easily land sub-standard masks that will get damaged on your first game. To avoid this, it is advisable to review all the features and specs. Save Phace 2000032 intimidator tactical diss series mask is one of the popular offers currently available in the market. Here is a brief descriptive review of the tactical mask including its features, pros and cons:

Save Phace 2000032 intimidator tactical diss series mask comes with various trademark features from Save Phace as well as other improvements integrated to enhance the mask’s effectiveness. It is designed for a range of activities including paintball, military training, jet skiing, UTVs, ATVs, snow skiing, snowboarding and law enforcement training among others. Its relatively small size also makes it possible to wear this tactical mask beneath your skids and helmets when riding a motorbike. Some of the features you will find in this mask include the following;

a) Glossy finish – The mask exhibits a high gloss clear-coat finish that protects the mask from scratches and grime impact. It is very easy to clean.

b) Military grade construction – The mask is made from military grade materials that are both anti-scratch and antifog. The thermal lenses are very clear and provide a wide vision to enable you play comfortably.

c) Comfort padding and strap – The interior section is lined up with thin but comfortable padding to allow snug fit. There is an additional adjustable strap that ensures the mask fits perfectly on your head.

Save Phace 2000032 intimidator tactical diss series mask is designed to fit almost everyone. According to the manufactures, it can fit 92% of the world’s population so you do not have to worry about size issues. It is also lightweight and very durable, designed to resist paintball crashes and other knocks from tactical training exercises.

• Clear-coat finish improves cleaning and maintenance
• Made from very durable military grade anti-scratch material for longevity
• Versatile tactical mask that can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities
• Comes at an affordable price of $58
• Resists wind, dust and fog
• Comfortable secure mask
• Aesthetic plush design that can be used as a show-off

• It may only be a matter of time before it gets foggy especially when used in intensive games like paintball
• There is no antiglare to protect you from bright sunlight. This is one of the major drawbacks of the mask.

Save Phace 2000032 intimidator tactical diss series mask is an ideal choice for low level enthusiast and players who need something simple, yet sturdy enough to survive occasional knocks and bumps. It fits perfectly on the head and you can barely realize you have it on as the thermal lens is very clear. You should purchase this mask from credible licensed retailers only to get genuine quality from the manufacturer.