SHANGRI-LA Tactical Vest Molle Molle Paintball                   Combat Soft Vest Chest



High quality comfortable EPE foam padding.


Vest have loops for tactical belt.


Quick release buckle on shoulder and waist for wearing and removing.


Velcro patch can be attached on the vest.

Airsoft can be defined as a combat simulation game that is experiencing an increase in popularity each and every day. It involves participants eliminating each other via pellets that are launched from special guns. Airsoft just like other outdoor combat simulation games needs protective gear. The main forms of protective gear include masks, helmets and vest chest rigs. It goes without saying that safety is paramount in any sport and airsoft is no exception. There are several product manufacturers in the market that specialize in the fabrication of protective airsoft accessories. However, very few provide consumers with high quality products such as the SHANGRI-LA Tactical Vest Molle Molle Airsoft.

This product has unique features that are bound to pique the interest of true airsoft enthusiasts worldwide, the features include the following:

This vest chest rig is manufactured in several aesthetically appealing colors to suit the different consumer preferences. The colors include Tan, Black and CP. These colors act as excellent camouflage in the battle field thus increasing the chances of victory.

It is manufactured using only the best polyester material that is of high density. This good material is what facilitates the product’s durability to guarantee the consumer a long service life.

Velcro patch
This top notch vest has a provision for the attachment of a Velcro patch on it. These patches help with morale. They can be attached on 2 sides and even on the shoulder of the vest body.

Quick release system
It is equipped with a fully-adjustable quick release buckle system on both the waist and shoulder. This allows for it to be quickly put on as well as removed.

This high performance technical vest has the capacity to hold a soft armor on both the back and front section. This is because of the fact that it is constructed using tough PVC that is light in weight, heavy duty and provides maximum durability.

It has a comfortable and high quality EPE foam padding incorporated to it to provide extra cushioning in paintball games, airsoft battles and even for other outdoor sports. The padding also helps in making the vest jolt proof.

This product is quite versatile in use. This is because it is ideal for war game, paintball, airsoft as well as other outdoor activities. This is inclusive of all accessory holders and pouches.

Buckle straps
It has convenient buckle straps adjustments that can be used to make the vest either smaller or bigger in size. This is beneficial as it allows for the user to properly fit in the vest thus facilitating comfort as they enjoy their favorite game.

Attachment points
This rare tactical vest has a number of MOLLE attachment points that are meant for adding pouches. In addition, it has loops that the tactical belt can be run through.

It is sold together with 1 medic pouch, 2 communication pouches, 1 map and flashlight pouch and 3 magazine pouches.

The above insightful information clearly shows that the tactical vest is of very high quality thus value for your hard earned money. It is readily available on for those who are interested in purchasing it. It is only on that consumers are sure to enjoy amazing product offers and are guaranteed of the product’s legitimacy.