Simways PJ Type FAST Molle Tactical Helmet

Advanced locking system


Can  use the helmet separately without the facial system


EPP soft cusion inside the helment


Easy to install and remove facial system



Airsoft paintball can be defined as a combat simulation game that is enjoying growing popularity among both the young and the old. It is characterized by the elimination of players using special pellets that are launched from guns which have a strong resemblance to real firearms. It can be played anywhere from a shopping mall to woodland areas. The main equipment is usually a gun and a form of eye protection such as a tactical helmet. Other accessories are BB-bullet and magazines. In an industry characterized by cut throat competition, it is quite difficult to find products of exemplary quality and high reliability like the Simways PJ Type FAST Molle Tactical Helmet.
The Simways brand has done it again by releasing into the market a product that is truly unique in every way possible. Surely, its reputation precedes it.

The following is an in-depth review of its useful and stylish features:

Color – This one of a kind airsoft paintball helmet is manufactured in an array of aesthetically appealing colors such as Black, Cp, D-Woodland, Desert, Green, MA, Tan and Typhon. This range of colors is meant to cater for the various client preferences to ensure everybody is satisfied.

Flexibility – This helmet can be successfully used without the facial system if so desired. This level of flexibility is hard to find in most products that are available in the market today.

Guide rail – It has a guide rail system that is very handy. This is because it can carry communication tools, battery box, flashlight as well as other tactical equipment.

Lens – It is equipped with a transparent PC lens which is capable of resisting 420 FPS on the minimum. This means that it satisfies each and every outdoor requirement that is specified for outdoor protective equipment such as those for airsoft.

Locking system – This helmet is incorporated with a locking system that is very advanced. There is a knob located at the back of the helmet that can be twisted to adjust it so that the user is comfortable. Simways brand clearly acknowledges the role of comfort in enjoying the game and even emerging victors at the end.

Versatility – This product is designed to fit a range of head circumferences that lie between 20.5"-24.4". Consumers should therefore not be worried about a snug and comfortable fit. Furthermore, it is suitable for all manner of outdoor activities like paintball, airsoft and even CS. This means that consumers can simply interchange between the different activities without requiring to buy new products. Such financial savings can go a long way in such tough financial times.

Weight – It is light in weight at 2.8 lbs. This makes it comfortable to wear during play.

Material – This helmet is made of high quality ABS material while the mask is made of low carbon steel. These are durable materials for construction that guarantee a long service life.

Installation – It is quite easy to install and does not require professional help.

Cushion – It is fitted with EPP soft cushion in its interior surface to improve comfort.

This is a high quality mask that is available for all interested airsoft enthusiasts out there. It is available on Amazon at consumer-friendly rates, make your order today to enjoy its features.