Tippmann Valor FX Paintball Mask

  • Extended coverage.
  • Additional ventilation.
  • Premium strap.
  • Comfort Foam.


Paintball masks are part of the accessories that are required for playing the globally enjoyed sport of paintball. There are various manufacturers of paintball masks in their hundreds that are currently available in the market. However, there are brands that have made their mark and are renowned for their quality products. For instance, the Tippmann Valor FX Paintball Goggle Mask is one such product that is manufactured by the famous Tippmann brand. The following is a comprehensive review of the product.

The Tippmann Valor FX Paintball Goggle Mask was designed around 3 main performance upgrades i.e. enhanced comfort, greater coverage and improved visual clarity.


The Goggle Mask has an array of amazing features that are bound to pique the interest of any real paintball enthusiast out there, the main features include the following:

Colors – This product is available in two aesthetically appealing colors i.e. Carbon Fiber and Skulls. Clients can therefore select one of the two colors that they find to be attractive.

Lens – This paintball mask has a high performance toroidal lens that is fog and scratch resistant. This is important as it facilitates the longevity of the product and that ultimately saves costs that would have otherwise been incurred. Furthermore, the toroidal lens is designed to focus extra light directly onto the player’s eye to offer improved clarity in different light conditions.

Quick release system - This is a feature that is quite useful especially in the battle life when speed and efficiency is the difference between a win and a loss. This is because it allows for both the easy and fast lens replacement. This can be done in just under 60 seconds.

Versions – This goggle has several versions that are inclusive of U.S. Army camo, black, rental version and Tippmann camo. All these versions are sold under U.S. Army and Tippmann brands.

Extended coverage – It has an extended coverage feature that serves to protect the ear, jaw and chin. Safety is paramount in any sport and the Tippmann Valor FX Paintball Goggle Mask recognizes this fact.

Ventilation – This product is designed with additional ventilation in order to maximize airflow as well as to decrease fogging.

Strap – It is equipped with a woven strap of premium quality. This feature has a convenient silicone backing to ensure ultimate fit and comfort.

Visor – This paintball mask is fitted with an adjustable visor.

Foam – This superb product is equipped with a comfort foam that is compression molded. This allows for overall comfort in each and every part of the face that the goggle is in contact with.

Weight – It is a light weight product with only 1.2 pounds making it very portable and easy to wear as you run around playing your favorite sport.

Size – This paintball mask has dimensions of 9.3 × 8.5 × 7.8 inches. This is a convenient size with regard to storage and even its use.


This Paintball Goggle Mask is a high quality product that can be readily be bought on Amazon.com at friendly rates. It is also at Amazon.com that clients are assured that the product is genuine.