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People who are familiar with the Paintball Sport know that picking the ideal paintball gun among the hundreds of brands currently available in the market is a challenging task. The selection process of the best paintball gun is a factor of price range, play style as well as other factors like the features it exhibits. It is therefore important that an individual first identifies the style of paintball that they enjoy the most i.e. recreational paintball or tournament type of paintball and the type of paintball they want to specialize in between Woodsball, Scenario/Mil-Sim and Speedball. Paying attention to such factors is what will make you to ultimately settle on quality brands like Kingman paintball guns.

Kingman paintball guns

The following is a comprehensive review of the quality Kingman paintball guns:

Kingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker

This is a top notch product from the renowned Kingman paintball gun brand.

This amazing paintball gun is designed with the following unique features:

Weight – This paintball marker is light in weight as it is just 3.5 pounds. Its light weight allows the marker to be easily carried on the battle field and real paintball enthusiasts know that portability is key to success.

Barrel – It is equipped with a 12 inch Hammer Barrel. This barrel size is easy to handle. I addition, the barrel is fitted with a standard threaded AR15 type of muzzle break to improve its accuracy and aesthetic value.

Picatinny Top Rail – It has a picatinny top rail to create a standardized platform for the attachment of accessories for the marker.

Style – This paintball gun is suitable for Mil-Slim type of paintball. This type of paintball is gaining popularity and what better way to practice than with this marker.

Pump action – This type of paintball guns is simple with regard to functionality and therefore making it suitable for use by everyone regardless of their level of expertise.

First Strike Equipped – This feature facilitates high accuracy. This marker is First Strike Equipped (FSE) and is inclusive of a 9 round First Strike capable magazine.

Grip – This marker has a shotgun style pump fore grip and a 0.45 caliber style pistol grip. These are what greatly contribute to a high level of play resulting in victory.

Trigger – This incredible paintball gun is fitted with an auto trigger. This feature allows the user to fire the gun with each pump of the marker.

Feedneck – The clamping feedneck on this marker is made of high impact polymer for purposes of longevity.

Compressed air/CO2 – It operates on either compressed air or CO2. This is suitable as CO2 is readily available and cheap.

Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

The Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker is an exemplary product that combines functionality and aesthetics to result in a world-class paintball gun.

This quality marker is fitted with the following exciting features:

Striker plug – It has a striker plug that does not require tools to operate. This allows for ease in performing basic maintenance on the marker.

Body – It is designed with a highly durable all-aluminum body.

Trigger frame – This marker is equipped with a trigger frame made of high impact polymer. This gives it longevity in service life. The trigger frame is also very ergonomic for comfort.

Profile – It has a profile that is efficient with regard to its shorter length and lighter weight compared to the prior model.

Compressed air/CO2 – This paintball gun operates on either compressed air or CO2. This is suitable as CO2 is readily available and cheap.

Hose line – The Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker has a hose line that is steel braided to make it more aesthetic appealing.

Velocity adjuster – It is designed with an external velocity adjuster purely for the purpose of convenience.

Trigger - Its two-finger trigger facilitates accuracy of the marker.

Barrel – It is fitted with an easy to handle 10-inch micro-ported barrel that has a positive impact on the battle field.

Finish – This paintball gun has a beautiful anodized matte finish.

Panel – The panel on this marker is of the non-slip rubber grip type. This prevents accidental slips while battling it out.

Weight – This market is very light in weight as its shipping weight is just 1 pound. This makes it very affordable.

Color – It is available in an attractive neutral black color.

Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Pistol 

The Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Pistol is a premium paintball pistol with regard to quality. It is a must have for any real paintball enthusiast.

This product has the following unique features:

Paintball – This marker is designed to use 11mm (.43 caliber) paintballs. This size can inflict optimum damage on the opponent to improve chances of victory.

CO2 cartridge – It uses a 12 gram CO2 cartridge to power the 11mm (.43 caliber) paintballs. CO2 is good because of both its availability and affordability. Each and every cartridge provides up to 80 shots which is more than sufficient. An air efficiency that is truly unparalleled.

Magazine – This paintball gun utilizes highly efficient magazines that hold nine paintballs each and has a firing range capability of up to 250 feet per second.

Body – It is designed with a polymer and aluminum body that contributes to its suitable light weight design.

Reversal Striker Valve – This marker uses the breakthrough Reversal Striker Valve system that was recently patented and is used in Kingman Training.

The above insightful information about Kingman paintball guns clearly indicates the superiority of the brand. They are all readily available for purchase on at client-friendly rates.