VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask

  • Fast TM change.
  • Silicone strap and lens installed.
  • Carry Bag included.

When looking for battle and paintball goggle masks, you will come across a wide array of options available in the current market. There are numerous retailers and brands of paintball masks and goggles and while finding one is often an effortless task, not all offers you come across will depict satisfactory attributes. You should therefore learn to carefully review the features and pros of such products before spending money. VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask is one of highly recommended entry-level goggle. Here is a review of its features, benefits and cons.

Features of the goggles

Like other VForce masks and goggles, profiler comes with trademark features as well as additions in design to improve various aspects such as quality and safety. Some of the features you are going to find in the VForce profiler thermal paintball goggle mask include te following;

a) Quick-release lens changing system – Efficient lens changing is one of the attributes players look for in top quality models. There are different technologies different companies use to ensure fast easy ways to replace lenses. Essentially, it should result in convenience without compromising the goggle’s safety. VForce profiler uses advanced Quickchange ™ technology which offers fast efficient system for changing your lens. The design is also compatible with various types of lenses available for replacements.

b) Improved design technology – A quick look at the VForce profiler thermal paintball goggle mask is sufficient to distinguish its unique design. The goggles are constructed with improved design technology to ensure they are sturdy, stylish and comfortable for in-game convenience.

c) Thermal dual pane lens – To optimize the mask for playing paintball, profiler features a thermal lens that has several properties including antifog, wind resistant and abrasion/scratch resistant. It is also anti-grime and dust. A lens strap is included to keep it in position and allow adjustment.

d) Ergonomics – There are many comfort features in VForce profiler including soft interior padding and silicon strap for perfect fit. The mask has a wide space for the nose and ear section making it ideal for those with bigger heads. It is also very easy to maintain.

VForce is designed to withstand knocks from fast-approaching paintballs and offers a wide field of view to allow sprain-free pacing. There are other minor attributes like the mesh design which improves breathability and lightweight construction.


• High quality paintball mask goggles designed for durability and comfort

• Breathable antifog design that expels away the moisture even in cold weather

• Scratch-resistant thermal lenses built for maximum visibility

• Quickchange lens replacement system changes lenses in less than a minute

• Versatile mask usable in other outdoor battling and play activities

• Comes with an extra lens


• Not ideal for those with smaller heads

• The jaw-line and earlobe sections require an extra inch of plastic


VForce profiler thermal paintball goggle mask is one of the few entry level goggles that are designed to exhibit both style and function. The smaller external surface is no impediment to a wide internal space the offers enough room for breathability and comfort. It is a perfectly ventilated design and comes at an affordable price of $64 which is quite fair for all its features.