Youtumall Full Face Protection Paintball Templar Mask


-High strength fiber glass.


-Adjustable size.


-High grade wire mesh eye protection.


-Professional paintball airsoft mask.




People who are familiar with the paintball sport know that having the right accessories is important as it determines the level of play. Apart from the paintball gun, the paintball mask is the next essential accessory that is required in paintball. There are numerous brands that manufacture paintball masks that are currently available for consumers in the market. However, selecting a quality paintball mask like Youtumall Full Face Protection Paintball Templar Mask Halloween Cosplay Men's Templar K Cosplay Mask can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for. This article is meant to give an in-depth review on this quality product.

Youtumall Full Face Protection Paintball Templar Mask
The Youtumall Full Face Protection Paintball Templar Mask is a professional product with the following interesting features incorporated in its design for all real paintball enthusiasts out there:

This product is manufactured in an aesthetically appealing black color. Black is a neutral color making it suitable for a majority of people.

This paintball mask is designed with a high quality material for longevity. This is because it is fitted with a fiberglass reinforced plastic of very high strength. This will guarantee that it is used for a lengthy period of time before it needs to be replaced.

This is a light weight product that is easy to carry around. Similarly, its light weight of 0.8kg makes it very comfortable to wear in the battle field. Such light weight allows for the swift movement in the battle field as there is no dead weight to significantly drag a player behind. The ultimate result is usually victory against the opponent.

This product has an adjustable size of 28cm × 23cm × 17cm. This makes the paintball mask easy to store as it does not require much space, it can therefore be carried even in a backpack without much fuss to it.

It can successfully be used for a variety of reasons, some of which include War Game, Collection, Gifts, Decoration, Cosplay, Party, Halloween, Hunting and Airsoft. This is a very handy feature as it eliminates costs that would have been incurred in buying different masks for the various individual activities. This provides a much needed financial comfort to the consumer in such difficult financial times.

Eye protection
This product has a high grade wire mesh to inhibit BB Penetration. This ensures that the eye of the player is safe from any form of injury. It is important because safety is paramount in any sport and the Youtumall Full Face Protection mask acknowledges this fact.

Cushion pads
This paintball mask is equipped with very comfortable cushion pads in its entire interior surface for optimum comfort during play. This is what facilitates maximum concentration when playing as the player is not destructed by feelings of discomfort.

The Youtumall Full Face Protection Paintball Templar Mask is a quality product as indicated by the above insightful information. It is ideal for the exciting outdoor game of paintball. The mask is readily available for all interested clients on at consumer-friendly rates and are accompanied by attractive offers that are simply irresistible. Get yours today.